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Guild Rules


Arbitration and Discipline:

- Unbroken's Officers will be the arbitrators in resolving disputes among our members and in disciplining for the breaking of any of the following rules. Any disputes involving loot and wage distribution and other matters involving currency will be resolved by the official Unbroken Quartermaster.

- The rules of the Unbroken, and local laws, are to be equally respected. Common sense should be used, with conflicts resolved by officers of Unbroken. Local law enforcement may be involved if deemed necessary. Our own disciplinary actions may include wage-docking, demotion, suspension, ejection, or assignment of unpleasant duties.

Three-Strikes Rule: A member who has committed three infractions will be ejected from the Unbroken permanently. For each month of good behavior, one strike is removed from this tally.


THE CARDINAL RULE: NEVER TALK TO DEMONS. Ever. If you wander off to cleverly chit-chat with a Nathrezim in the hopes of outwitting it, you are out. End of story. All they have to offer is lies. If a demon speaks to you, kill it. If a demon takes a hostage, kill it. If a demon blackmails you, kill it.

1. No killing non-hostiles, or using otherwise extreme measures, including use of dark magic or overuse of other magics, unless absolutely necessary with no alternatives, or unless deemed necessary by the tactical comander in the field, using a clear order. Any illegal or non-debatably immoral activity (anything from theft to murder) will result in disciplinary action ranging from a warning and strike to expulsion.

2. As a neutral organization, the Unbroken will NOT tolerate harassment or attack on members of the Horde and similar. We are allied with the Kirin Tor, with contacts all over the world, and our members are expected to uphold this standard of neutrality.

3. Once signed to a mission, each member is personally responsible for their own actions, and will when breaking rules (or deliberately causing discord or unnecessary destruction) accept disciplinary consequences.

4. Demons encountered on missions are to be killed, or best attempts to do so made; the only exception are those belonging to officially-licensed warlock allies we may encounter. Demons are never to be spoken to in or out of missions. Soldiers found fraternizing with demons or demonic elements will be punished as severely as possible according to our rules and the laws of the Kirin Tor and the Alliance.

5. All members must, after any exposure to dark magics during a mission, be checked for magical corruption as soon as possible by a wielder of healing magics.

6. Prisoners taken by the Unbroken are to be thoroughly bound* if deemed hostile, and must have an officer present at all times. No prisoner will ever have only one guard on duty at any given time. No prisoner is to be harmed unnecessarily. Prisoners are not to be kept in locales where it is illegal and may be perceived as kidnapping.

7. Members can turn down or accept any job they desire, but are not to discuss any details (including location) of any work with non-members of the Unbroken until the jobs are done. This is to prevent outside sabotage.

8. Anything looted during an Unbroken mission is to be turned over to the Unbroken officer in command, to be rewarded with coin. If the looter wishes to keep something, they may do so for a small fee, to be decided by the officer in charge. Objects of unknown nature must first be turned in for examination. Objects of dark magic use etc. will be destroyed or handed over to the Kirin Tor at the discretion of the commanding officer.

9. When on official Unbroken missions, members are to wear the order's colors (or, in the case of Kirin Tor magi, those of the Kirin Tor if so desired) in order to distinguish ourselves from unlawful attackers or the like.

10. Members of Unbroken on a mission must follow any command given by the tactical commander so long as the orders do not drastically contradict common sense or morality or cause reasonable suspicion that the commander has in some way been compromised. Failure to do so will be punished, far more heavily if disobedience jeopardizes the mission, or worse, lives.

11. Members can take on private contracts if they so wish, but they are never to do so under the name or colors of the Unbroken, and must make clear to the contractor that they are acting independantly. Official Unbroken work must be passed on to an officer to officially accept and contract, though finder's fees will be paid to those who refer the contract to us.

12. If you are going to do something remarkably foolish, take your damn tabard off.

* Throughly-bound includes a warded cell where necessary, as well as hog-tie bindings, blindfold, gag and a bag over the head. Handcuffs and shackles are also recommended.


1. Be polite. To us, to other guilds, to strangers. We all make fun of the occasional silly TRP, but keep it in moderation, and keep it private.

2. We are not an ERP guild, we do not want an ERP reputation. Don't advertise your character's butt and breasts in your TRP, don't engage in public ERP, don't be hanging around in the Lion's Pride Inn picking up stds on your Unbroken character.

3. Do not deliberately troll or disrupt others' RP.

4. So long as you wearing the Unbroken guild tag, be a decent human being. Don't scam, steal, troll, abuse other players, etc.

5. If someone is uncomfortable with a roleplay topic, respect it. Do not try to force either certain rp themes or character injury or death on anyone who doesn't want it.

Please note that a three-strikes rule with a separate tally is also kept for OOC rulebreaking, but that severe infractions can carry instant expulsion. Hopefully, nothing like this will ever have to come into effect! On an IC level, the rules will be given to each new member on a piece of parchment, and if your character cannot read, it will be read to them if requested.

A word regarding promotions: upon joining the Unbroken, your rank is that of Recruit. After three missions with the group you will be considered a full member, and be promoted to Soldier. This is where the bulk of our members will remain. Those who remain for a considerable amount of time and prove instrumental in leadership and/or utility, as well as being considered trustworthy, may be eventually promoted to Proven status. Proven members will be given additional responsibilities individually, including possibly seeking out work, leading operations or aiding in trialling new recruits.

Other notes: At this time, we do not currently allow out-of-character alts into the guild, only the roleplay characters who are ICly in Unbroken. We do not have a minimum activity requirement. We have no restrictions on swearing.

For more information regarding our guild ranks, promotions and Mission Codes, click here.

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