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Letters to Dalaran (BfA Pre-Patch)

The following two letters will be delivered to Dalaran, clipped together by a metal paperclip, a day or two after the assaults on Ashenvale. The address on the top one reads simply, "Unbroken" and will likely be delivered to Ohmee Zapcharge, Chief Tinker and Commander of Unbroken.

The first reads:


Ashenvale is under attack by the Horde. I am told that war is again at hand. My village has been destroyed, and with it, a good number of very old friends have been slain. My family is safe. I will be remaining with my surviving neighbors as we seek a new home. I write to warn you of this, and to beg you to keep Unbroken as a whole neutral. If you choose to fight--do not sully the name.

We may need it again, should occasion arise, and I do not wish it associated with this pointless destruction. It must remain a shield for the future, for those who know where the real fight lies. I do not ever wish us--you--to stoop to the levels to which the orcs and Forsaken have fallen here today. Should we one day again fight against the demons, I do not want us slain by orcs who recognize our colors as those of the enemy, rather than those who stand for what is right and just.

Find enclosed a letter from Stonebrow, please, and remain safe. I do not know where they will strike next.

And if you do choose to leave Unbroken, and to go to war--give them hell. It is all they have left us here.

- Anhagath Moonflame

And the second:

"Dear Unbroken,

I have made a difficult decision.

I have taken part in the recent battles against the Horde. This contradicts the Unbroken rules of neutrality, and I cannot follow these rules any longer; I am taking up arms against the Horde.

As a result, I tender my resignation from Unbroken.

Know, however, that my hammer is only a letter away. I consider you my dear friends and battlefield companions, and it pains me to write this letter.

Khaz'goroth protect you all,

Hrothgeir Stonebrow"

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