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Guild Application: Altaaran

Application Form:

In-Game Name (OOC Name) - Altaaran
Character Name (IC Name) - Altaaran
Character Level - Altaar--jokes, 62
Character's IC Gender, Race & Age - Male Lightforged, Argus-era
Character History - Altaaran has a rock collection. That's all you need to know, really; it defines who he is. The big guy picks up pretty little things, and pays attention to the small details of life, finding joy in simplicity.

He started off on Argus, fleeing with all his people on the Genedar. When the Xenedar split from this, he was on-board. Eventually a part of the Lightforged and the Army of the Light, he has been fighting the Legion for a Very Long Time. His strength and agility were never those of the other warriors, though; he was never really a front-line type. His swings always seemed to go awry, but his skill with macherinery is what defined him: he could create, as with artificing, but he was even better at maintenance and repair. He took to this with contentment, doing a fine and satisfying job that served an important function, giving him a strong sense of purpose in life. No matter what difficulties he ran into, and no matter how blindly he walked into danger, he always seemed to come out by sheer luck, which of course reinforced an already powerful faith in the Naaru and the Light they represent.

Now that the battle is presumeably over, he's ready to warily look at the possibility of a new future, wondering if he will find such a firm place in it. However, he will likely frequently--in his free time--be working on repairing and maintaining any and all Draenei tech that he can get his hands on.

Give us an example of a couple of your character's strengths and weaknesses outside of combat -

Outside of combat: Kind and compassionate, probably good for morale. A decent cook, but a poor singer. A good engineer, effective if somewhat ham-fisted in his methods. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Gullible and trusting.
In Combat: Excellent at shielding allies with the Light, or with a physical shield. Somewhat clumsy at actual offensive combat, and not the most powerful of Light-users (when compared to other Lightforged); his talents are less combat-oriented than some. He can heal in a pinch but again, somewhat clumsily. He's physically just not as powerful or fast as some, being of slightly smaller-than-average Draenei build (nothing very noticeable but it's there).

Why would your character wish to join the Unbroken? Having worked with them on Argus, he wants to learn more of Azeroth, and figured he'd look for those he knows to give him a taste of it.

Why do you, as a player, wish to join the Unbroken? Anha's been semi-retired for awhile and I think his story's kinda moving on, at least for now, and want an alternative.

What is a god emote, and what is a power emote? Godemote = emoting the effects of your spell/attack/whatever on the other person, ex. 'Altaaran swings, cleaving Velderion's head straight off.' Power-emoting = emoting as if you are of a ridiculously high power level, ex. 'Altaaran ignores the hit because he's too strong, and swings a cleave that will cut anyone in half if they're hit by even a glancing blow, and also summons a Naaru to cook lunch for us.'

What is meta-gaming, and how does one avoid doing it? Using knowledge gained OOC on an IC-level. Avoid it by remembering what your char found out in-characterly. Ex Altaaran has no idea that Brigs puts raptor testicle 'juice' into his melon juice. He would obliviously drink this.

Write an example of a good attack emote on an enemy - Altaaran raises his shield, crouching behind it with obvious concern as he glances back for orders. "Do you OFTEN fight paint on this world?!"

Anything else?

HA! Approved from my part!

[Image: 7fb45eac798c64c9a12a2855cd239973.jpg]


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