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Blood and snow

Jaonas jerked awake, the sound of his hounds whining at the door instantly drawing his attention.

“What is it boys...what do you smell out there?” Jaonas asked rising from his bed and reaching for his rifle resting against the wall.

Jaonas walked to the door and the whining dogs where he slowly unlatched it and pulled it open causing both hounds to dart outside and out into the woods howling as they run.

“Woah boys...wait come back!” Jaonas called after them before rushing back to his bed and pulling on a shirt and trousers pausing briefly to grab more bullets and rushing out of the door barefoot after the hounds.

The tree’s blurred as Jaonas ran through them chasing the barks in the distance, his mind racing as he ducked under branches and skipped over roots growing out of the ground.

What has got into them running off to chase shadows in the woods!
The smell was the first thing he noticed, like iron mixed with a powerful sweet odour he couldn’t place, next was that his hounds were no longer barking instead he could hear the occasional whimper as if they were scared.
Jaonas fought back the urge to be sick as he stepped into a clearing, the area in front of him was littered with the bodies of dead Sabers with various limbs and organs missing.
“Rosco...Bosco...where are you boys!” Jaonas called his eyes darting to the bodies and then the trees around him.

A whimpered response drew Jaonas to where the bodies laid thickest, snow splashed under his feet as it melted from the warm blood that leaked onto it.

“Oh my boy...who has done this” Jaonas cried falling down beside Rosco and cradling his head.

“What beast could do such a thing” He said stroking Rosco and watching as the life slowly faded from his loyal hound’s eyes.

From behind him in the tree line a deep unanimal like growl echoed out sending birds flying up in fright, Jaonas struggled to stand as his bones began to creak and muscles stretch his mouth opened into a silent scream as his finger nails tore through his fingertips turning into claws.

“You aren’t the only monster that lurks in these woods” Jaonas growled before charging towards the growling beast.
One man scorned and covered with scars, still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars,and the world will be better for this


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