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A regard for the past and things to come

Landrian let out a weary sigh before adjusting his armour as the horse he rented slowly walked down the stone pathway.

It was a path he had travelled many times, He knew that just to his right after the bramble’s would be a rose bush with dark red flowers, and that further along he would pass a farm the owner of which would wave as he passed before returning to his crops, Here life was simple people grew what they needed and bartered for what they needed. It was a life he came close to having, boring...maybe...peaceful definitely, but as always during these times of war peace was always just out of reach.

Landrian’s eyes fixed onto the small building that passed for a church here, his chest tightened as he instinctively reached for his hair fixing it and then running the hand down to his burns frowning at the feel of it against his finger tips.

“Landrian my boy” A balding old man in a simple brown robe says joyfully as Landrian approaches.

“Ahhh father, greeting me at the doors, am I truly so famous now” Landrian replies smirking as he swings himself down from the horse and kneels before the man.

The father laughed in response while taking Landrian’s hands and leaning forward to gently kiss him on top of his head.

“Come then my boy let’s not keep her waiting any longer you know she never had much patience” The Father said helping Landrian up and leading him through a white picket fence and out towards the back side of the church.

Silently the pair walked into what was clearly a graveyard, wordlessly passing gravestones in various conditions until they stopped at one in a small clearing away from the rest.

“I will give you some space “Father said resting a wrinkled hand on Landrian’s arm before stepping back a respectable distance.

 Landrian placed a hand on the white gravestone tracing a finger along the name and whispering words too quiet to hear.

“You have kept it well maintained Father, thank you” Landrian says passing a coin sack over. “For another year and to get that damn roof fixed, i can smell the damp on your robes”

“You give too much Landrian, this pays for the chapel and the graves twice over!”

Landrian shruged before walking away and out of the graveyard “Pray for me father, I go to face a pair more dangerous than any warrior” He pleads before climbing onto his horse and riding off.

    Rain dripped down onto Landrian as he stood on the deck of Samir’s ship looking out across the waters as they sailed.

“Ever thought of just sailing away, seeing what else there is out there?” Landrian asks out loud, his ears twitching at the sound of approaching footsteps behind him.

“You mean exploring new continents, the thought has crossed my mind but whenever i think of the cost and potential profits i decide i’ll be just as rich if i stay doing this” Samir responds coming to stand next to Landrian.

“There are more important things then gold Samir, what if you found an island untouched by war wouldn’t you want that peace?”

“Landrian my brother sometimes when that mask slips and you show yourself I wonder...Do you have two souls fighting for control of one body or are you truly just a great actor”.

Landrian looked down at his hands as he begun wringing them pondering Samir’s words. “Well you let me know what you decide on” He muttered before wiping the rain from his face.

“So how are you going to explain your face?”

“That is pretty rude don’t you think Samir, i mean you can’t just go around asking people why they are ugly!” Landrian answered with a smirk.

“Ha! You know what your sisters are like Lando they’re going to curse you and then after they’re done crying they will kick your ass, I am just sorry I won’t be there to see it.”

“Samir my brother i am glad my impending pain causes you such joy”

“As much joy as counting your coins” Samir grinned while holding out his hand for payment.

“And here I thought saving your life was payment enough” Landrian sighed handing over a small bag of coins.

“Oh it was, but that was before you and your friend Moonflame sunk a few of my ships off the coast of Northrend” Samir replied taking the bag and walking back to his cabin.

   The cold air made the burned skin of Landrians cheek ache and it was quickly becoming a constant reminder of an act of stupid bravery he didn’t regret.

“And so the weary knight returns home from war, his hands bathed in the blood of his enemies and yet in his heart he knew it was all of naught” A soft voice called from ahead.

“Was he welcome back though” Landrian asked walking through the snow towards the voice.

“That depends on what he has brought us” A second voice replied giggling and joined by the sound of crunching snow rapidly approaching.

“Well i bring the love a brother has for his sisters, and of course I bring sweets!”  Landrian answered before spreading his arms and catching the leaping Faelurian and Spinning her around laughing while he does.

“You’re heavier than last time i was here, maybe i should stop brining you all these sweets hmm?” Landrian teased putting Faelurian down.

“Cath come quick he’s not sharing!” Faelurian called over her shoulder before turning and sticking out her tongue.

“Stick that back in your mouth before the wind freezes your face Fae” Cathandra answered walking past her and taking hold of Landrians face turning it to look at his burns.

“What have you done to yourself this time Lan?” She asked disappointment clear on her face.

“It’s not as bad as it looks Cath honest”

“Not as bad as it looks... Are you joking! I can see a tooth through that hole you great big idiot” Cath shouts before stomping off into the snow.

“I love you brother but would it be so bad if you where careful and put yourself first...just once?” Faelurian said in her child like way taking his hand and leading him towards their home.

“So Lando what stories and sweets do you have for us this time?” Fae asked as they entered the house taking a seat and holding out her hands expectantly.

“Well..i have these” Landrian answered throwing a bag onto the table “And as for a story, who should we hear about tonight then, perhaps the old fire mage ruthless in his hunt or maybe the clumsy death knight if you are in the mood for something light hearted.”

“I have always enjoyed the story of the man who falls in love with the Bandit queen” Cathandra says opening the sweet bag and sitting by Faelurian.

“Of course, now sit still and listen close as i tell you the tale of Lenny and the queen that captured his foolish heart” Landrian exclaimed with a flourish of hand waving.

    Landrian leant forward kissing the sleeping Faelurian on the forehead and pulling her blanket up to cover her shoulders, before turning and doing the same for Cathandra.

“Now to check on the guard dog” He whispered as he grabbed his cloak and headed out into the snow enjoying the crunch of it under his boots.

“Jaonas come here boy” Landrian called with a whistle and a smirk.

“You laugh now but one day i might just tackle you like the dog you compare me to” A gruff voice responded from the shadows.

“Well i look forward to that to business, i trust there have been no suspicious figures hanging around?” Landrian asks as he dusts down a rock of snow and sits.

“N one unusual...a few suitors but that’s about it” Janoas responds stepping from the shadows to stand before Landrian.

“Good, keep it that way times like these my enemies might look to get back at me through my friends and family” Landrian grunts looking around.

“They are safe with me Lan, i think of them as my own kin now and no one will harm them you have my word as a man and a Gilnean.”

Absolutely love it. You write the characters and their dialogues fantastically, this is a pleasure to read.

I'd love to see more!

Great job! The characters feel very real and so different. Seeing the other side of Landrian is so nice too <3 I look forward to more, if more is coming!

Thank you both <3

there will be more for Landrian since all events i go on add to his story and character plus i already have two stories written out for Jaonas, its just working him into the guild im trying to figure out at the minute

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