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Crowley Greysmith

Application Form:

In-Game Name (OOC Name) -Greysmith
Character Name (IC Name) - Crowley E. Greysmith
Character Level - 110
Character's IC Gender, Race & Age - Male, Human, 47,8(33...) years old
Character History - (Include place of birth and a bit of their adventures. It doesn't have to be a novel but we'd like to get an idea of your writing style and grasp of lore!)
Born in a noble house in Lordaeron Capital City.  Almost everyone from his family and associates up to the Third War were Kirin Tor or highborn. Once the war hit, he lost nearly everything and was forced to evacuate to Stormwind, where he lived for many years, on and off. He had a complicated relationship with who he thought was his best friend, which resulted in Crowley learning a specific skillset which he is not proud of, but as with everything, will extract from it what he can learn and use at the time of need. When he thought he had nothing else to lose, he acquired himself a family, but, even though he had some time of happiness with it, he lost his newly established family when his best friend re-emerged and showed his true colors. In a fit of vengeance he went missing for several years from the Kirin Tor radars. He emerged a different man yet again, hardened even more by what he had lost. It seems to be a recurring case with him, however lately he prides himself in having acquired some of his life back and spends most of his time obsessed with magic, it's research and practise. As a mage of Kirin Tor he gets to undertake missions and tasks, but not always ones he would enjoy most.
Give us an example of a couple of your character's strengths and weaknesses outside of combat -
Weak at: Cooking, Deep waters, brunt physical power, sometimes misinterprets social situations and boundries of topics due to his curiosity as a wizard.

Strong at: (Arcane mostly) Magic, Languages, Inscription, Perks of a highborn upbringing, such as private classes, education, mannerisms, knowledge in nobility, history etc., Riding, Flying, Wealth.

Why would your character wish to join the Unbroken?
To test his power, keep a closer eye on his apprentice's progress, find out why the Unbroken are getting so many death sentence traffic tickets for illegal portals and shit, infiltrate and sabotage.
Why do you, as a player, wish to join the Unbroken?
For RP.
What is a god emote, and what is a power emote?
Crowley takes his dagger and stabs it into Anhagath's eye.
Crowley summons Neptulon as his water elemental.
What is meta-gaming, and how does one avoid doing it?
Using OOC knowledge ICly, despite it not being found out ICly. By compartmentising their brain, being a good RPer who can seperate IC and OOC and keeping a shitton of notes.
Write an example of a good attack emote on an enemy -
Crowley draws his sword and makes a slash attempt with a deft, circular movement of his wrist, after executing some aggressive footwork to get closer, and tries to make a cut at Anhagath's hand with an circular arc of his sword's tip.

Okay this one's better. Without the futas and shit. But no sabotage.

And as a legit warning, Anha will boot him after 10 secs if he starts flinging arcane around without good reason. We're all up on that "stop abusing arcane, Arenfel" thing.

Much, much better. It's a okay from me ^^ One question though, what is the E in his name stand for?

(05-09-2018, 06:55 AM)Caetheil Wrote: Much, much better. It's a okay from me ^^ One question though, what is the E in his name stand for?

His middle name Easton

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