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Khaine never has free time

"Come back soon ".
A wave of his big.. clawed immaterial pale hand , a returned nod from the shadow holding a bunch of packed exquisite dresses and another customer had been served. 
 "I need a cigarette" said the demon with a defeated look.
Once commander of his own demonic host... now confined in the seasoned body of the demon hunter Imrik Drak'ash.. known nowadays as Mentheus Nightsworn.  Said bastard was a warrior-mage able to control his thoughts while meditateing...and after the dreadlord's failed coup de tete, he made sure to torture him all the times he could.
Every day the tables turned..once a fisherman in open sea yelling orders and chaseing sea monsters... another time a gunman dueling against others in a deserted town..sometimes a tea party. Such things did piss him off..a lot.
Khaine shook head and lighted the shadowy cigarette.. and one instant later a wind blew the fire away. The demon grunted and tried again...snapping fingers. When about to inhale..again it did nothing but disperse.A ruined voice,burnt and old though arrogant as few could be stated out of nowhere
"smoke kills" .
Khaine didnt even reason to satisfy the demon hunter even more than that. The nathrezim had a plan and it would have took lot of time, best play victim for a while. He entered the just now appeared armor shop and yelled,exhaleing.

XD The thought of a Dreadlord smoking a cigarette amuses me. Nicely written!

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