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We've got a problem, he's in the city”

Luke watched as the man let of the children's hands, “Take th'kids back to Rose, I'll take care of Dawn” he said as the children moved towards the other man.

He's delved further, I'm not sure there's much of left of who he was” said the second man as the former turned and walked away. Luke gave it a moment, allowing the group to disperse. “Much left of who he was...” he thought. He couldn't be sure, but that certainly didn't sound good. He strapped his satchel to his shoulder-pad and turned on the spot. Perhaps he was going to put his blade to good use before returning to Dalaran.

He jogged in the direct the first man had headed in and stopped at the corner of a local armourer. He peered round, watching the man take another turn, seemingly headed towards the entrance to the city. Luke carefully tracked the man, weaving between civilians and guards alike until they came to the valley of kings. Luke ducked down, standing behind one of the large monuments and narrowed his eyes as the man stopped.

Ye can come out now, whoever th'feck ye are” he said as he turned, looking straight at Luke. With a sigh, Luke came from behind the statue and moved a little closer.

Who are ye n' what're ye doin'?” said the man, one hand instinctively moving down to rest on the hilt of his sword. Luke lifted a hand, waving it dismissively. “No need for the weaponry, I overheard the chat you had with that sneaky looking guy. It didn't sound good”

Nothin' t'do with ye, kid. Don' know ye, don' care to. Walk away” said the man as his hand moved to grip the sword hilt. As Lucas stepped forward to protest, a disheveled looking man appeared in the background. He narrowed his eyes, taking the sight in. The man had long red hair, it had clearly been some time since it had been washed. His clothes were tattered and even at this range he was able to see the veins in his arms and face were pressing against the surface of his skin.
The gruff man followed Luke's gaze and turned. He immediately drew his sword. “Not 'ere, Dawn!” he yelled as he darted forward, moving towards his target at great pace. Luke watched the scene unfold, trying to make sense of what was going on. Clearly this Dawn had delved into something he shouldn't have.

He watched as Dawn turned and began running away, chased closely by the gruff man. Luke wasn't sure why his instinct to follow was kicking in, but he chose to follow it. He drew the blade from his back and ran after them, watching as the two continued to move further into Elwynn forest.

He knew he had to keep up with them, if they went far enough there was a chance he could lose them. Eventually they stopped near a small body of water in an unoccupied part of the forest. The closest thing to another life was that of the bears and wolves that frequented Elwynn.

Luke stopped on a hill above them, bothering to crouch a little despite being quite certain the gruff man knew he was there.

How nice of you to follow, Caan” said Dawn as he sneered at the gruff man. Luke watched as Caan began to slowly circle Dawn, two blades now drawn and pointed at him. “I warned ye this would 'appen Eothan. Ye poke yer nose into this sorta shit, nothin' good 'appens!” he said as he stopped, holding his blades as though he could attack at any moment.
Luke watched as Eothan laughed and waved Caan's words off like they were nothing. “I suppose you're going to say you were being a friend, hm? I have no use for those anymore, all I need is this power. Nothing is unobtainable now!” he bellowed as a dark energy began to cover his hands.

Power. Ye know, that's all I gave a toss about when ye first met me. Ye remember tha'? Feels like a feckin' lifetime ago now” said Caan as he lowered his blades a little. “This ain't power, Eothan. Ye've lost yer kids and yer feckin' mind. Ain't even sure there's anythin' I can do to bring ye back, but ye need t'let me try”.
You're about to lose your children, Ledgic. Or, well, perhaps they're losing you?” Eothan said in response as a bolt of the dark energy flew from Eothans hands. Ledgic instinctively lifted his blades, the spell colliding with them and sending him down to the ground.

Eothan stepped forward, his hands still brimming with dark energy, he brought them above his head with clear intent. His spell was interrupted by a sudden kick to the ribs. Eothan let out a cough and turned as he stumbled, a fist connecting with his nose, sending him stumbling further back.

What?!” he shouted, the dark energy of his spell firing off into the ground beside him. Luke drew his blades, standing between Eothan and Ledgic. “Oh, I'm sorry. Was this a private affair?” he said with a smirk.
"Who th'feck do ye think ye are?” said Ledgic as he pulled himself to his feet. Luke kept his eyes fixed on Eothan as he spoke “Probably an idiot, definitely too nice for my own good as well apparently”.

Ledgic moved and slammed his sword into Luke's, who turned and pushed away. “I am not your enemy!” Luke shouted. “An' neither is he! He's my friend” said Ledgic as he pointed one blade at Eothan. Both Luke and Ledgic rolled in opposite directions as another spell collided with the ground between them.

He looks real fucking friendly!” said Luke as he got to his feet again. “People who use this sort of magic are a threat to themselves and everyone around them. I'm going to put him down, you can either help me do that or get out of my way”.

This one has an air of taint about him, Ledgic. Perhaps I should crack open his skull and take a look?” said Eothan as he stumbled forward, laughing and coughing as he moved. As Eothan spoke, Ledgic lunged forward with his blades, charging Eothan down. A flick of his hand let loose another bolt of energy as Ledgic closed in. Luke darted forward, his own blades at the ready.

The blast connected with Ledgic's chest, sending him to the ground once again. He let go of one of his blades, which Eothan promptly grabbed. As Luke closed in, Eothan swiped diagonally, completely evading Luke's blades and slicing him above his left eye. Luke let out something akin to a yelp as he stepped back and rolled to the left to get some distance between himself and Eothan. He pressed the back of his gloved hand to the slice, grimacing heavily at the stinging sensation. He watched as Eothan slowly closed the distance between them, the energy he was using seeming to crackle in the air.

The power I hold I have gathered... there may be some to gather from you” he said maniacally as the energy intensified. He growled as Ledgic charged and grabbed Eothan's arms. Luke winced at the cracking of bone as Ledgic forced Eothan's arms behind him. The energy looked as though it would dissipate, however it seemed to reignite. Ledgic growled as it began to burn at his hands.

Eothan, for th'love of feck this ain't ye! Sort it out man!” he shouted as he desperately held onto his hands. It was clear that there was something deep between these two and that Luke had landed himself in a situation he could barely read.

He stood up and ran forward, watching Ledgic shaking his head as Luke lifted his blade. “Don't!” he shouted as Luke swiped his blade, slicing through the flesh of Eothan's neck. Ledgic stared at Luke as he let go of Eothan, the energy dissipating immediately as Eothan hit the floor. Luke looked down at Eothan, who moved his gaze towards him. He had attempted to speak, but it had come out as nothing but gurgling before all signs of life vanished from his face.

Luke turned to look at Ledgic, who was still staring. Luke couldn't work out if this was due to disbelief or just sheer anger. “I don't know either of you, but what I do know is he was long gone. Nothing could have brought him back from that. I had no choice” he said as sheathed his blade. He grumbled as a trickle of blood fell in his eye. He lifted a gloved hand to wipe at it.
Ledgic clenched his fists and looked as though he was going to attack Luke, however he turned and knelt down beside Eothan. He turned his body over and rubbed a hand over his forehead.

Yer name” he said.

Lucas. Lucas Dunewall” said Luke in response as he held a hand over the gash on his face.

Well, Lucas Dunewall. Ye 'ad no choice, but I do. Walk away now an' stay outta me' way. If I see ye again, I promise I'll kill ye” said Ledgic, his voice quiet.

I get that he was your f-” started Luke, however he was interrupted by Ledgic who stood up suddenly and grabbed Luke by the throat, squeezing tightly.
I'm showin' ye mercy, this ain't somethin' I show often. Feck. Off.” he said through gritted teeth as he shoved Luke backwards. Luke let out a cough and turned to walk away, rubbing his throat with one hand.

And as he made his way back through Elwynn forest he had one thought on his mind. “I think I'll avoid Stormwind for a while”


Bloody arseling, I leave ye alone fer two minutes and ye get yerself inta trouble!

Really enjoying Luke's development in these short stories dude  looking forward to the next one!! Smile

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