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Closing Doors

Luke hadn't had the best sleep in his childhood home. He'd made no effort to spruce the place up, leaving everything where it had been for two years, leaving the dust, the cobwebs and the memories as they were. He had made a decision, while failing to get a decent rest, that it was time to move on. He hadn't allowed himself time to mourn properly, but did he really need to? After all, he wasn't the man he was back then anymore.
At day break he stood up, gathered his belongings and left the house. He walked away without so much as a backward glance. He hefted a large shield on his back now, just one thing he had to remove. The shield belonged to Aramus Dunewall and it needed to be returned to him.

Over the next couple of hours, Luke made his way to Stormwind City. He hadn't bothered to charter a gryphon and decided to walk. He had taken in the sights of Elwynn forest, few though they were, before stopping at the gates of the city.
He had spent many of his teenage years inside the walls of Stormwind, studying under various medical minds, working with the priests and priestesses of the light.

He walked into the city and lifted a hand to rub his ear as he entered the trade district. The noise was intense, he smirked at the thought that he genuinely wondered if having voices in his head was preferable to all this squawking about bread or whatever else these people were desperately trying to sell.

Eventually he found himself in the Cathedral district and as he reached the foot of the stairs leading up to the cathedral itself, he took a moment and smiled. Luke wasn't a religious man by any means, he often voiced his annoyance when his fellow Unbroken would use some religiously linked goodnight with him. Saying “Goodnight” after hearing something about the stars shining or the light wrapping you up all snuggly just seemed pointless.

He shook his head, grinning to himself like an idiot as he climbed the stairs and made his way into the cathedral. As he looked up at the impossibly high ceilings he remembered the first time he was there, being in awe of the level of craftsmanship involved in building it. He peered down and headed off into one of the side rooms, he stopped and placed his satchel on the table. He then heaved the large shield from over his shoulder and set it on the floor.

As the shield made a slight “Clang!” on the ground, an older man turned from his book and looked at Luke. It took him a moment before he realised who he was seeing. “Lucas? Well. I did wonder if you were ever coming back here” he said, his voice slightly muffled by an impressively large moustache and beard combination.
Luke lifted a hand and scratched his head, “I've not come back to continue my studies, Max. I actually came back here to apologise for abandoning them” he said as he stepped towards Max.

Your father had been killed, I was hardly surprised you didn't come in. Though, truth be told I had expected a week or two, not a year or two” he said in response. He extended a hand as Luke did, the pair shaking hands with a firm grip.
Max looked Luke over, he didn't feel as though he was speaking to the same young man he had taught. He was armoured, he carried weaponry and there was something behind his eyes that he had not seen before. “So, you ended up walking the path Aramus did” he said, though he winced slightly after speaking.

It isn't what he would have wanted, but with the state of the world as it is, it's something I couldn't avoid. I do not regret my choices” said Luke as he folded his arms.
Max nodded and looked past Luke to the shield laying on the floor. “His?” he said as he pointed towards it. Luke nodded and turned briefly to look at it, before glancing back at Max. “He is buried here, it belongs with him. I assume the area is well guarded?”
Max nodded once “It is, I've not heard of any grave robbing in the city at least” he spoke as he turned and closed his book.

Luke smiled and walked to his satchel, picking it up. He leant down to grab the shield, grunting slightly as he lifted it.
Lucas, you could do so much good here” said Max as he walked towards Luke, holding the book he had been previously reading. “You should consider that and weigh-” he continued, before being interrupted by Luke holding up a hand.

When I was studying I took an oath to do no harm, much like you did. You were very serious when you explained what I was getting into. I've not hurt or killed anyone that didn't deserve it, but regardless the oath was broken. I'll put my limited skill to use to aid my comrades, but I can't be a doctor” he said.
Max frowned as Luke left the room without another word, he pondered why he had visited in the first place if he just intended to leave like that. He sighed quietly as he placed the book on the table beside him. Lucas had clearly come there to convince himself. It would appear Max did what he needed to do.

Luke made his way out of the Cathedral district and headed towards the graves of the fallen, as he passed through the gate he began scanning the headstones, instantly realised that he'd not visited his father's grave at all. There was a level of guilt there, but it wasn't like he was idling, he was training and becoming something more. He sighed as he look from stone to stone, there were just so many of them.

Eventually he found it, he knelt and lifted a gloved hand to wipe away the dirt from the stone. “Here lies Aramus Dunewall. Husband, Father, Friend.”

Luke took the shield from his back as he stood up, he brought it down with some force, piercing the ground beside the headstone. He stepped back and nodded to himself. “I'm sorry it's taken this long, I guess I wasn't sure how to face you” he muttered as he knelt down again. He reached forward, plucking weeds from the soil before him, tossing them behind him.
Roth and Orion miss you, I think your passing may have hit them harder than it hit me. I'll do what I can to keep them going, just as they're doing for me. We'll be fine, sleep easy. You've earned your rest”

With that, Lucas stood up and stretched his arms in the air, before bending down to pick up his satchel. As he straightened up again he saw a tall and gruff looking man standing in front of another headstone, one child stood either side of him, their hands holding his.

He shook his head and turned away. The world was always full of loss, he'd finally accepted that he had a better chance of reducing that loss with a blade than a scalpel. Now that he had done what he felt he needed to do, closed the doors that needed closing... he had to go back and put that blade to good use.
Just as he took a step he heard the rustling of leaves and the sound of boots hitting the ground. He peered over his shoulder as the man with the children turned his head.

We've got a problem, he's in the city”.


I am invested o_o

Love the depth of character shown here.

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