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Tournament/Valdanis: Thissian's Plot - 17th/18th of April

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Thissian will be DMing two events. Both ICly take place -concurrently,- so characters CANNOT attend both. The Seventeenth is a tournament event for shady motherfuckers. The Eighteenth will be an assault on a demon stronghold, or at least, that's what we ICly hope, and will be for the main bulk of Unbroken. Please see below for details.


The Venture Co. has sent invitations out to shady sorts of characters, inviting them to attend this combat tournament. Fist-fights, betting, shady underworld deals and sale, and more will undoubtedly take place. As Anhagath has informed Unbroken, it's also where, most likely, the dreadlord Valdanis (our long-term prey) will be sending the champion of the Darkheart troll tribe, who may challenge the resident local warlord Zim'jin, in an ultimate battle for control over the region. If the Darkheart champion wins, it gives those trolls (the Darkhearts) in the Dreadlord's sway control over Zul'drak. That means the battle is likely fixed... so Razgoa, at least, is being sent to make sure this doesn't happen.

Others interested in attending the tournament--which takes place in Zul'drak, at the Amphitheatre there--might be any shady, thuggish or cultist-y types. Contact Thissian on Discord for more information if you have a character you'd like to attend. Others like myself will be both helping DM, and attending on alts.


As the tournament begins, Unbroken intends to launch an all-out assault (after what we hope is a stealthy approach) on Gun'drak itself, where Valdanis--we hope...--has his current stronghold. Our aim is to stop their operations in Zul'drak, which include taking control over the region's trolls and tormenting the land's loa--and, if possible, to entrap and to kill Valdanis and his "brother" Demitrius, both nathrezim and both long-term prey of Unbroken.

This may not at ALL go to plan, considering that we have exactly 0 knowledge of what lies within, but the hope is that the tournament will have most of Valdanis's allies--and perhaps he himself--distracted.

Our allies for this will include DM'd NPCs: Argent fighters from the region, as well as Adrianne's men. For those unaware, Adrianne is a recurring plot NPC of several years: a now-undead human mercenary pyromancer employing powerful fighters against demons and void threats, and likewise an enemy of Valdanis.


Those interested in either event may join, and those wishing more info, please contact myself or Thissian. This thread's being posted on his behalf, since I'm pretty good at summing up his stuff more succinctly, and so on. That is all.

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