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Bedside Manner

Luke was often bewildered by the city of Dalaran, it held so much within it and yet everyday it would reveal something new. He walked down the street, dodging street performers and one young mage who appeared to have burned his own robe, until he came to a mailbox. It was rare he received anything, save for “joke” mail he occasionally received from Hrothgeir.

He reached in and pulled a single letter out with a sigh, anticipating the nature of the letter before he even looked. To his surprise, the word “Arseling” wasn't scrawled across it. In fact, he recognised the handwriting. He leant against the wall as he opened the letter, unfolding it before he started to read.


I hope this letter finds you well. I understand that when you left home with Thendorion that you would not be around to help us as a doctor, but my father is refusing to let anyone treat him. He keeps saying he is old and it's just his time, but I'm sure there is something that could be done. Please, if you can find the time, come home and make him see sense.


Luke looked up from the letter and folded it absent mindedly as he looked towards A Hero's Welcome. He frowned as he stuffed the letter into a pouch on his belt and pushed himself away from the wall. He knew he had a certain level of duty to Unbroken, but he would just have to hope they would understand.
With the decision made, he made his way towards the inn to collect his medical supplies. He hadn't felt like a doctor for months and perhaps that part of him was gone, but there was only one way to find out.


Luke hopped down from the gryphon he had rented, handing the reigns carefully to the gryphon master. He nodded in thanks and turned to look over Lakeshire. He pulled the strap of his satchel up a little, hooking it round his shoulder-pad. He walked towards the bridge and climbed up onto the wall that ran along it. He couldn't help but crack a smile as he looked over his home, not much had changed at all. Kids were still running around outside the inn, the usual drunk was flat on his face on the steps of the town hall and as luck would have it, light crept into the dusk from Anna's home.

He hopped from the wall and walked along the bridge, nodding to the guards as he made his way into the town. He breathed in through his nose as he came close to the inn, the familiar smell of the kitchen there was something he didn't expect to miss. He shook his head as he turned and walked up the path to Anna's home, he lifted a hand, clenched his fingers and knocked on the door.

He lowered his hand as the sound of footsteps closed in on the door. The door opened to reveal Anna, a short, middle-aged woman with messy brown hair. She smiled and ushered Luke into her home. He looked around the dimly lit home with a smile, it had been a very long since he was here.
He turned on the spot as he pulled his satchel from over his shoulder. “It's good to see you again Lucas, you've certainly changed” said Anna as she moved over patted him on the cheek.
“I uh... well yeah, things have happened” he muttered in response as he looked to the stairs. “Is your father up there?” he said as he looked back to Anna.

“He is, I'm not sure he'll be happy to see you. He talks much of your father these days, it's as though he wants to tell me as much of the past as he can... I really think he's resigned himself to his fate” she said, there was definite sadness in her voice. Luke nodded and patted her shoulder as he passed and headed for the stairs. He turned and looked to her for a moment as he took a hold of the banister. “I'll do what I can Anna” he said as he looked back to the stairs and began to climb them.

“Anna I told you I'm gonna sleep!” came the croaky voice of an old man as Luke reached the landing. He pushed the door open and looked down at his new patient, a man that had served with his father in their youth, a man that had watched Luke grow up.

“Lucas?” he said as he lifted his head. Luke dumped his satchel on the ground and walked over to the old man's bedside. He looked down at him with a scepticism the man hadn't seen on Luke's face before.
“You're worrying your daughter, Graham. What are you trying to do?” said Luke as he turned and sat at the foot of Graham's bed. Graham peered at him and lifted his head as he spoke “I'm dying kid, might as well let it happen. Aramus didn't fear death, you didn't give him this shit about it, did ya?”

With that, Luke stood up and moved along the bed. He took hold of Graham's wrist with force and pressed two of his fingers to it. He counted the beats of Graham's heart before releasing his grip. Graham stared at Luke, quite taken aback by his actions. Luke lifted a hand and pressed the back of it to Graham's forehead in order to test his body temperature. He nodded himself to and knelt down to open his satchel and rummage through it.

“What you have is a pretty standard illness, Graham. If you were dying your heartbeat would be irregular, it isn't. I'm not sure this even exceeds a common illness” he said as he grabbed a vial from his satchel and held it up to the candlelight.

“I didn't get to have this conversation with my father because he died on a battlefield. You are still alive and you have a daughter” he said as he took Graham's hand and placed the vial onto his palm. “Do not squander that because you think you've had your time. You speak of my father with pride yet you sully his name with this cowardice. Take the medicine and get off your arse”

With those words Luke picked up his satchel and slung it over his shoulder-pad once again. He turned and moved to walk out of the room. “You've changed kid” said Graham as he slowly sat up. Luke peered over his shoulder before looking back and heading down the stairs. Anna was waiting at the foot of the stairs and smiled as Luke reached the bottom.

“Well? What's going to happen?” she said sharply. Luke held up a hand as he spoke “Graham's got a pretty standard illness, I've given him the remedy he needs, make sure that he takes it” he said in response. Anna smiled from ear to ear and grabbed Luke, pulling him into a hug. He lifted his hand to lightly pat her back before she let go of him.

“Go and speak to him. Hopefully he's changed his tune” said Luke as he turned and headed for the door. Anna nodded and watched as he moved, comparing who she remembered with who stood before her was difficult. “Lucas, I'm not going to ask what's gone on these past couple of years, just know that this will always be home” she said as she took a hold of the banister. Luke turned, offering Anna a smile before leaving, shutting the door quietly behind him.

He turned and walked back through town, stopping at his own home. He strode up to the door and unlocked it with some difficulty. He coughed a little at the dust as the door swung open, he moved inside and slammed the door behind him. As he looked around in the dim light, he could tell not much had changed. He moved towards his old writing table and picked up some rolled up parchment. It was the official notice sent to him regarding his father's death. He carefully put it back and sighed. He dropped his satchel on the floor and turned on the spot to look around his old home.

He would stay here tonight, even if he wasn't entirely sure if he could survive the dust.


So this is the first of a couple of things I'm going to write in order to try and cover Luke's absence of late! I am incredibly rusty though, since I haven't done any writing in about three years. Regardless, hope the read was okay.

Tough love, I love it. And good to see a glimpse into Lucas's private life. Keep them coming, eh?

Ooh really nice! It's- like Anha said- good to see the more private side of him! (giggity)

I look forward to reading more Big Grin

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