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Guild Application: Taenel

In-Game Name (OOC Name) - Taenel

Character Name (IC Name) - Taelendrial Skychaser
Character Level - 110
Character's IC Gender, Race & Age - Female Night Elf - young adult
Character History - (Include place of birth and a bit of their adventures. It doesn't have to be a novel but we'd like to get an idea of your writing style and grasp of lore!)

Born as the youngest child of an influential and well-off family of Sentinels based in Ashenvale, Taenel struggled. She had been a sickly child - a runt, if you will. As a teen she was still almost a foot shorter than her siblings had been at the same age, and she was plagued by migraines, sickness, and fatigue. Her parents regularly took her to local or travelling priestesses with hopes that she would one day wield a glaive like her siblings, but they always got the same sad looks, mumbled apologies and assurances that their child would be in their prayers.

This didn’t, however, stop Taenel from trying to carve her place in the world. She attempted everything she was able to, and many things that she wasn’t. She would regularly sneak out of her room to try her hand with physical combat, sometimes to the point of collapse, much to the chagrin of whoever found her in the morning. She would help in the garden, finding that even the more stubborn weeds or herbs would eventually succumb to even her minimal strength. Mostly, though, she would read. She read tomes that she could barely lift, stories of far off worlds and mighty adventurers and ancient relics. She would pester any travellers passing through the town for stories, asking them what lay beyond the trees, or if they had ever seen a dragon. Her thirst for knowledge and stories eventually led to her nearly dragging her mother to a nearby moonwell in hopes of finding a priestess or two, having recently attempted to read through one of the largest books in the family’s little library. It had been a challenging read, and one which had left her with many questions. She found it difficult to imagine a being like Elune, she had read of demigods, heard tales of them from druids she had bothered, but a goddess – a deity… Taenel had thought that perhaps somebody dedicated to the subject matter could help answer her near-boundless queries.

After a few days of visiting, some of which had been Taenel recklessly venturing out alone, the priestesses announced that it was nearly time for them to return to their temple. The news almost crushed her, as she’d grown fond of the women. The way they had smiled as they talked about the reasons that they joined the priesthood, and the work that they had done. She begged them not to leave, explaining that their stories had given her more strength than any herb concoction or spell ever had. The priestesses shared a look, nodded, and escorted a very reluctant Taenel back home. While walking back into town, a proposition was made. Taenel could join the women in their journey back to the temple and learn how to be a priestess. In return, she would be in the best possible care for her condition. Her answer was an immediate yes. After returning home, it was evident her parents had already been informed of the suggestion. They helped her pack, said their goodbyes, and the next evening watched as their youngest rode off into the dusk.

She excelled as a priestess, learned how to manage her illness, and, when old enough, left the temple to aid those in need around Azeroth. She travelled to Northrend to assist the Alliance against the Lich King. She returned home to Ashenvale during the Cataclysm, and helped those without homes rebuild. Friends and allies that she had made along the way brought her to the Broken Isles, which brings us to the present.

Give us an example of a couple of your character's strengths and weaknesses outside of combat -

Taenel is patient, both with herself and others. She is dedicated to her comrades, to Elune, and to protecting the innocent. She wields her magic with utmost care, able to ignore her emotions as to not affect her casts.
She is, however, limited in her physical abilities. Overusing magic, or prolonged physical exertion, can cause her to become completely exhausted, often passing out if she does not adhere to her own limits.

Why would your character wish to join the Unbroken?

With the Legion mostly defeated, her previous companions have celebrated their victory and have started to return to their homes. Despite the conflict-induced veil of tension lifting, Taenel is still uneasy. She has been looking for a more permanent group - one that maybe, some time in the future, she could tell her own stories about.

Why do you, as a player, wish to join the Unbroken?

Sexy old elves. Sexy Demon Hunters. A sexy old Demon Hunter speaks very highly of you all. Also, structured RP and many lore buffs to pester.

What is a god emote, and what is a power emote?

I believe that they’re mostly the same thing. It’s when you emote in a way that has closed off any reactions or rebuttals.
*Hogger kills the warrior and throws him into the river.
*Topper McNabb steals enough money for a hamburger from the passing Night Elf.
I think /slap (and maybe others) is also often considered power emoting.

What is meta-gaming, and how does one avoid doing it?

Using information gathered as a player, with little to no reason or possibility that your character would know it. A good way of avoiding it can be not being offended if somebody points it out, and trying to hone further into your character as a result. Alternatively, closing tabs with unnecessary resources about the world on your browser can help. Wink

Write an example of a good attack emote on an enemy -

Taenel draws strength from within, throwing her arms forward as she attempts to smite her foe.

Anything else?

I am an awkward soul, and it has taken me nearly a month to bring myself to apply (I wrote several mini-novels before managing to get it down to even this size). I am a bit squiffy on lore, but by all means pour it on me - I am happy to change things to be more lore-accurate. A lot of this waffle was probably mostly me scoping out her character some more. It has been a long time since I last did any text-based RP so please be gentle. :')

*internal and external screeching at the same time*

WE NEED PRIESTESSES. Anha has literally been praying for one. The app looks great, it's a yes from me! I'll pop back in once there's two more approvals.

ps. we do have sexy old elves Wink

oh HELL yes we've been asking for priestesses for weeks now

super approved!
[Image: 7fb45eac798c64c9a12a2855cd239973.jpg]

Gnomes are best. But Elves are OK I guess.

[Image: r1z4oqL.png]

That's three, poke us oocly in-game for an interview. I'll be around tomorrow, but Wavecrest and Zapcharge can also do interviews if they wish!

Boyah! A priestess! A REAL PRIESTESS! (sorry Bixi)

It will be awesome to have you ^^

Consider me excited! I'm not sure quite when I'll be free, as I tend to work until 8ish (GMT/DST) and it takes me an hour to get home. I'm at Velderion's right now so I don't really want to kick him off his own PC, and my laptop can't run WoW for toffee. :')

Such priestess, very moon.

I am the sexiest old night elf.

Also I approve of this application with little to no bias at all.

Veld you aren't an officer go home

Edit--invited, locking.

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