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The wacky adventures of Diehard.

Hello friends new and old, i bring you a story about what Deinhardt has been up to these past two months, i take alot of freedoms with the lore and shit as this is a somewhat hard area to nail down so any form of criticism is encouraged and very welcome.

Do enjoy.

The shadowrealm, a mockery of the world of the living, leafless trees and black oceans with little wind and other signs of life. Some places being darkly mirrored locations of Azeroth, others formless voids that could take any shape, this was not a place for mortals, yet even anyone with a sane mind.
Maddening forms moving just outside of vision with blank hungry eyes coupled with hollow screams from the darkness.... That was the norm in this light forsaken place and yet in this deathly silence the sounds of battle in hollow echoes was heard across the black windless hills.

A Meadow...No a poor imitation of one was the site of this commotion. A man in armor, countless scratches and eroded spots upon his frame, even his face looked malnourished and dehydrated, his left cheek rotted and damaged revealing teeth and tongue. On his back a device with spinning cylinders with etched runes igniting and fading nonstop was seen, in his hands a greatblade, also etched with runes that glowed of blue, was held.
Around him was countless forms of shadow, rickety long legged apparitions, floating globules with long appendages, six legged bug like creatures aswell as other maddening forms. With a hollow grunt that showed a hint of exhaustion he swung the blade at two of the approaching apparitions, the edge forming a transparent green coating just before it cleaved through causing the entities to scream and vanish in dispersing clouds of black.
He nearly lost balance after that swing, staggering to regain his posture as one creature saw an opening and sent three of it's black appendages through his back, bypassing armor entirely. With a howl of immense pain he twisted his frame and did as a good swing at the attacker as he could but alas a mere wounding swing on the shifting form of black that held the tentacles. The creature seemed to back off however, disconnecting it's own appendages as a lizard sheds a tail.

Despite the pain he fought on, he had already lost track of time amongst the countless weeks spent running and fighting but he found it strange that something bigger and stronger had not found him yet. He wished he could stop and think, but as it stood ever since the day he was trapped in this place his hands have been full of endless fighting and it showed.
His face resembled a withered now more than a human, his muscles and flesh scarred and torn by shadow infusion and mending with no rest.
It was in this moment of loss of focus that another being manage to grab him by his right arm, a long and spindly being with no mouth and hollow eyes, as soon as it grabbed him his mind was overflowed by screams and images of space, of stars.. and of the dark beings beyond. He planted his blade in the black sickly soil and sent his left arm surging and surrounded by empowered shadow in the shape of a beastly claw down upon the screaming creature.
As the being staggered back after the blow it still refused to let go, as if it was gripping his very soul and mind. With gritting teeth and an earnest howl of pain of his own he struck the creature again with his fading black claw of an arm and this time it released it's grip and..Fell backwards through the black soil, vanishing.
The man collapsed down to one knee, eyes alternating to blazing blue to a mere flicker as he gripped the handle of his blade and gazed around him, preparing himself for another attacker. But to his suprise, the mass of shadow and monsters backed off, slowly but deliberatly, some sinking into the ground like seamless vapours, some merely vanishing from sight!
And then as if someone had driven an icepick through his forehead a hollow voice was heard, one that seemed to resonate within his mind, a smooth but very reverberating female tone, he likened it to mint chocolate with Migraine flavour.

"..whyyy fight....when hope has abandoned"

He looked and looked, but there was nothing, not even the black and white meadow he had fought in was there anymore, it was...Void.

"What kind of farce is this?! Show yourself!" He struggled to stand, but his body would not have it.

"ssssshow...mmmyself?" The voice let out a low but echoing snicker "I..hhhave...look deep into the i see you!" With a focused gaze he witnessed the blackness, swirling shapes barely noticeable dancing in the dark coupled with..A sudden well kept female hand burst from the shadowy void infront of him, it's nails black as night and long as needles stopping a mere inch infront of his eyes.

The hand looked familiar, he frowned as it began to caress his dirty beard as more of the hands owner was becoming visible, it was his first love... and last, Sarah Strongelm! made "flesh" just as he remembered her, but as he looked up at her face the piercing headache and pressuring aura increased tenfold as he witnessed a blank face of...nothing, and yet it spoke again.

"Perhapssss thisss.....sssshape givessss you...ou..o...understanding?" the words echoed in his mind as seaforium charges where going off inside his cranium "what in...what.  ghhrr ...-- Before he could get finish his sentence the being seemed to retreat back into the formless void behind it, the splitting headache lessening to some degree.

"..Am i..i....i?" The being finished his own sentence seamlessly as the location of the voice shifted several times as it spoke. "your queen...ueen..een..Nek'tashaa the unseen" As the name echoed in the darkness an absolute sense of hopelessness and dread washed over his mind, causing him to grit his teeth to the point of them breaking, his thoughts and mind recalling all sorts of incidents across the ages but with one minor detail, she was in the memory, this Nek'tashaa, at the side of a picture or the hidden in plain sight bystander during that cheersome day out with your loved one!

"OUT! YOU'VE NO...Right to...Ghhhrr!" He was now growling and inching his way up to a standing position, shifting his gaze as the voice with a snicker spoke again, every word from a new direction.

"Sssstill you greatly..mortal, There future in ressssisting the great onessss but yet fight, awaiting a sunrissssse that is desssstined to never come to passsss...Why? Watched you i have...dispersssssing sssservants....with of Void, a mosssst....amusssing eternity, albeit...futile..ile"

He was in the middle of preparing a rage filled swing against the all encompassing darkness around him, but he halted as he listened, letting the blade rest on the ground that now was nothing.

"You find my actions amusing, but also..." He gritted his teeth again, the splitting icepick of a headache never ceasing. "..Find it futile and for no...end?!

There where now black shapes and clouds moving over his armor, almost caressing even.

"Your rage...your stubborness...Everything Witnessed of is...futile, ssstruggle and fight you do...without..out goal. The outcome...issss clear, no purpoussssse"

A head now appeared infront of his own, the flowing red hair, the rounded ears.. it was his Sarah all right, but without the face, there it was only blankness. The Pain would now return, so much that his body would stop supporting him, but he stood still, limp and like a doll, held by countless shadows.

"Why?...why? The being would now rip and grab at his very soul, much to his dismay as his eyes was sent ablaze in pain and agony, every memory, every thought the being scanned and searched, tragedy and triumph, desire and disgust until it halted abruptly, slowly tilting it's head as if confused.

"A pool...of blacknesssss laced....Amusing..sing"

"Cease at once!" With a voice ripe with anger he swiped his left hand at the being, the clawlike visage of it barely visible, not like it did much good as it seemed to pass right through the blank face of it. The being seemed to simply let him go letting him land like a lifeless doll face first in the black wet soil of darkness.

"Knight...of Death, is what otherssss call you, do not...bring all?..why?? Wayward..mortal refusssssed light's respite.

He would slowly hoist himself up, first raising his head to gaze directly at the visage without a face barely managing to stand.

"to bring death, and be called very different, one destined to bring death might choose not too, the same to one destined to create might end up destroying instead"

The face vanished and appeared right beside him in an instant

"You are...are...are..not making any all" he smiled faintly, perhaps for the first time in months. "I get that alot"

"Mortal...showsss all sights off madnessss..of submission to the great onesss.. of a mind torn...yet you are...not...WHY! WHY WHY WHY!

Shadows surged all around his form again, this time lifting him up in the air as the words repeated like an echo "WHY WHY WHY" and with every new word the splitting pressure and headache worsened, his entire being hurt, every single muscle felt like it was alive again..and torn apart and mended relentlessly.
He would grit his teeth and squeeze out the words. "Mad...ness comes in many forms! I merely seek enjoyment in mine!" The thrashings and soul splitting pain stopped once again, as the caressing shadows began to flow over him again.

"Enj...oy..ment? Amussssement?..Amusement in madness?...I must...feel it" The being seemed to pierce his armor with several shadow hooks and with great suprise to the man would drag his soul out of his vessel as easily as one might crush a pastry, this of course caused an otherwordly howl of absolute primal terror and pained anger from him, his gaze locked in absolute hatred on the formless face as shadows enveloped him as he slowly lost concioussness.

He found himself dreaming, the great wall of Gilneas, his nation, his friends old and new over the years he remembered. A peculiar scene played out in a familiar tavern, one large table with six chairs, a drinking game, a smiling one eyed man patting the back of a younger lad, another man dressed in odd scraps of leather downing a whole tankard of ale and beside him a smiling Worgen turning it's nose to ask him something, but he could hear nothing, it was soundless.
Now another vision replaced the familiar tavern, a battlefield of some sort, old ruins and snow. He saw himself swinging and cleaving apart men that seemed to be ambushing a group of people, they where all blurry and faded save for himself. The vision shifted again, a damp cellarcrypt with a stonetable in the middle.
A young kaldorei dressed in a Druids attire was conversing with him rather heatedly, he was angry at her but soon his rage would change into tempered waryness and hatred as something appeared from the very wall behind the Druid, it was a man, his form black and elongated, countless faces and shadows flowed across him as if it was a part of him. The druid lowered her head as the two seemed to coldly converse, ending in himself leaving the cellar, fuming with anger.
One final vision appeared, one very recent, one depicting a room with two platforms with green bubbling goo at the bottom, a large horned figure with wings chasing a dark cloud around as someone was casting magic behind a blurry barrier cutting the room inhalf, he heard the voice of Nek'tashaa whisper "My...kin, The rage filled....mortal serves..well, i"
He slowly awoke, witnessing slow moving black and white branches without leaves swaying in nonexistant wind, his head resting in the lap of his "Sarah", her hand's caressing his battered armor almost lovingly, he frowned up at the blank and nonexistant face, barely able to move.

"Why are you insisting upon.....still retaining that form?" his words where agitated but not threatening. "Answer me!"

The creature said nothing, merely continuing it's farcical  display of tenderness upon his battered armor and frame. Soon however the stunning headache would return as more visions would appear before him, all recent memories to boot.
Crypts and darkness, caves and tunnels, a large boulder with scribbled runes that a bunch of faceless humanoid people moved, a sense of imminent dread.

"Shuul'thyzak...." the visions ended abruptly as the creature uttered the name. It's form vanishing into dark shapes flowing across the black and white meadow, over his laying body like water.

The man began to sit up slowly, his face showing a pained and angered expression as he mumbles to himself.

"Mortal aidssss the void....Mortal ssslays Legion, But mortal issss....not a ssservant?...peculiar...strange"

The man sent his fist into the black moist soil, speaking in a hollow strained voice.

"I'm my own master fiend! if you would stop...." He would fail to finish his sentence as he fell backwards retaining that pained expression, only to once again land in the lap of "Sarah".
"...Toying" A pulsating feeling of a snicker would fill the meadow, mimicking that intense feeling of a migraine once again.

"You amussse me...mortal, a paradox you....are. You're queen wishes....that thissss...puppet's ssstrings intact.

His eyes would erupt in blue fire as he snarled angrily and would slowly raise his left arm up against the creature sitting, grasping the arm of "Sarah", prompting an amused tilting of the faceless head.


"Ssssoo...filled with...Anger and..Passion that it're very Essence? That cannot...continue.."

His vision would start to blacken as she would effortlessly disperse into shadows once again, flowing across his armor.

"Your queen...wishes more of"

Right before his conciousness would slip into a dormant black void he would see visions of runes, a flowing torrent of darkness fueling a wheel lined with Death runes was seen, it spun.. and spun, until all was darkness.

Oh dear! Let's hope Dein is not a void slave now! :O
Nice! I think the only critic I have bar some spelling errors are the ellipsis. Its never more then three, and there should be a space after, or it can make it a bit tough to read ^^ The shadow-creature with spidery limbs made me shudder XD Well done!

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