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Guild Application : Veldorian

In-Game Name (OOC Name) - Veldorian
Character Name (IC Name) - Veldorian
Character Level - 110
Character's IC Gender, Race & Age - Male, Night Elf, 11000 (Has wrinkles on his wrinkles)
Character History - (Include place of birth and a bit of their adventures. It doesn't have to be a novel but we'd like to get an idea of your writing style and grasp of lore!)

Veldorian was the result of a unsanctioned tryst between a Highborn and a Lowborne night elf. For a while the pair lived with relative happiness although in secret, making the most of what fleeting time they could together while Veldorian's mother raised him. However their secret was not made to last, once ousted by his fathers family the affair was brought to a sudden and although never official violent end. Veldorians existence and by extension heritage were already spreading through the court by this point and therefore could not be denied. Brought in and raised by his mourning father and apparent family Veldorian was both shunned by the Highborn but not allowed to associate with the Low, a pattern that would continue for quite sometime.

Ten thousand years is quite a long time, so I shan't give you all a Veldorian based history lesson, but over the years Veldorians path quickly turned to one of war: losing himself in battles of the Night Elven people there was no extent he would not go to to achieve victory. This only got worse with time as Veldorian became increasingly reclusive and obsessed. With the ever increasing demonic threat he began to see demonic influence everywhere and waged a personal war against it. As he became more and more focused on his hunt he began to change within. Once Veldorian would fiercely oppose any and all things demonic he eventually began to study the lore of the fel creatures, seeking knowledge that which would help him conquer his demon foes. Years later his studies into demonic lore became more practical, torture, infusion and even the use of demonic powers himself. Veldorian was last seen fighting in the Third War, after this however he cast off the few friends and attachments he had left and dedicated himself to countering the demonic threat whenever he could. Once the opportunity presented itself Veldorian joined with the forces under Lord Illidan (He knows the way) becoming a full fleged Illidari and Demon Hunter serving loyally and faithfully finally feeling like he found somewhere he belonged. Eventually Illidan was bested, Veldorian was imprisoned and Legion™ happened. Now with the Legion gone he has pondered as to what to do and decided to seek out his old friend. 

Give us an example of a couple of your character's strengths and weaknesses outside of combat - 

Veldorian's strengths are also he's greatest weaknesses. Shrewd and perceptive while paranoid and mistrusting, fierce at fighting but prone to fits of rage. Brave to the point of stupidity and stubborn as a demonic fel infused old man mule.  

Why would your character wish to join the Unbroken?

Although still a member of the Illidari, Veldorian is not patient. While the Legion is vanquished he is not one to sit on idle thumbs. He seeks to hunt down what is left and counter any other potential threats to his world.

Why do you, as a player, wish to join the Unbroken?

I'm secretly a Void Elf Dreadlord Warlock Druid and I want to murder everyone. (I have friends in the guild and it sounds fun)

What is a god emote, and what is a power emote?

Allow me to demonstrate via a Limerick.

There was once a night elf man,
Who killed while thoroughly deadpan,

He chopped of their heads,
And now they're all dead,

And nary given a choice to the man.

What is meta-gaming, and how does one avoid doing it?

Basically like when like your friend has a super secret meeting like, but they tell you out of character on like discord because their like super excited that chad was talking to them about the extermination of Pandarians, and then like suddenly your character knows about the super secret meeting in character and is like totally leading the protest against Pandarian mistreatment.

Write an example of a good attack emote on an enemy - Veldorian attempts to parry the blow with one of his glaives while lashing out with the other attempting to disembowel the extremely aroused Pandaran.

Anything else?

Have I told you about our chosen one and saviour Lord Illidan?

I have but one question.

Why are you disemboweling extremely aroused Pandaren?

Looks great to me though.

Perhaps it was the attempt at disembowelment that made them aroused?

More demon elves!

Fangirlisms aside, looks good!


approoooved good to see you about man
[Image: 7fb45eac798c64c9a12a2855cd239973.jpg]

Find us in-game for an interview!

Luke's ever developing age complex is set to worsen even more! Wink Looks great though!

Interviewed & invited, locking!

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