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Guild Application - Melly Fizzlecog

In-Game Name (OOC Name) - Fizzlecog
Character Name (IC Name) - Melly Fizzlecog
Character Level - 110
Character's IC Gender, Race & Age - Female/Gnome/Late 30's
Character History - Hailing from the city of Gnomeregan and following her time cut short in Dalaran, Melly has roamed the world in search of magic and adventure, lending her staff and talent to any and all who'll accept the Gnome with them. Her travels eventually took her back to Dalaran during the Northrend campaign where she was only too happy to add a few more fireballs onto the battlefield against the scourge before eventually leaving to roam again once the fighting was coming to a close. Interested by Chronomancy, Melly has spent the past few years travelling in search of ways to harness the rare school of magic to only little success, taking her so far as to travel to Draenor during the Iron Horde crisis in order to try and gain a deeper understanding. Now Melly roams the Broken Isle for knowledge and allies, simply experiencing what the world has in store for her.

Give us an example of a couple of your character's strengths and weaknesses outside of combat - 
Strengths: General magical knowledge, Cunning, Dabbler of Alchemy, Unconventional. 
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Slow to accept new ideas, Insulting to those she considers below her, Carefree.

Why would your character wish to join the Unbroken? Melly has a heart for adventure and travelling and with magic as her speciality she believes that she can prove herself as a true asset to the group while also benefiting from the resources of the group.

Why do you, as a player, wish to join the Unbroken? After reading through the website information this appears to be a mature roleplay guild that I see a good future within for myself and my character.

What is a god emote, and what is a power emote? 
A power emote is an emote in which the emoter forces some action upon another roleplayer. For example saying that my character fires a gun at someone else and that the shot connects and blows their arm off. A god emote is where your character takes no damage from an emote where damage would occur. For instance if the character was surrounded and a character would aim to bash my character from behind with a club and then my character can take the hit, turn around, and blast the attacker in an instant.

What is meta-gaming, and how does one avoid doing it?
Meta-gaming is your character knowing information that they learnt through out of character means. For instance if I were told OOCly that a crime was happening somewhere and my character then shows up to the scene trying to arrest the criminals without witnessing or hearing anything IC then that is Meta-gaming. In my personal experience I write down information my character has learnt IC in a notepad file to avoid Meta-gaming.

Write an example of a good attack emote on an enemy - "Melly waves her hands as she mutters an incantation, conjuring a fireball in her hands that she throws towards the Demon, aiming to strike it's torso."
Anything else? Doowor says hello.

DOOWOR! <3 Missed to see you in rp buddy!

Loods good from my point of view <3 Just need two more approvals and you are good to go <3

Hello!! Yes, looks great to me Smile Need one more.

[Image: b258384524c32f202b43f339b347f4d3.jpg]

 [Image: r1z4oqL.png]

Thanks for the approvals! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you guys!


Poke me in-game on Anhagath or PM me here or in-game mail me or whatevs for an IC interview. Smile

Edit--interviewed & invited!

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