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Guild Application: Bonwyn

In-Game Name (OOC Name) – Bonwyn

Character Name (IC Name) – Bonwyn Coalfist

Character Level – 50ish

Character's IC Gender, Race & Age – Female Dwarf, 125 years old

Character History – Bonwyn was born in the slums of Ironforge. Her father mined coal, and her mother stayed at home, being drunk and shouting about injustice. Slums are not a great place to grow up, and Bonwyn quickly learned that beating other people to a pulp was the way to get on in the world.  She didn’t know much about the greater goings on in Azeroth, being more concerned with avoiding guards and sorting out any disrespectful dwarf that needed a harsh lesson in slum etiquette.
The local Slum Lord used Bonwyn as a courier, sending her to Stormwind via the Deeprun Tram, to conduct “business” with various contacts. This gave her more freedom than the other members of the gang, and she often took detours to conduct business of her own.

Give us an example of a couple of your character's strengths and weaknesses outside of combat –

Underworld Contacts:  You need something? Bonwyn knows a guy.
Intimidating: No-ones going to mess with this Dwarf.

Selfish: Bonwyn looks after number one above all things.
Disrespect: Anything she deems as a slight against her will result in a fist fight.

Why would your character wish to join the Unbroken?
She wants to earn enough gold and renown to oust the current Slum Lord.

Why do you, as a player, wish to join the Unbroken?
High adventure, glory and perhaps meeting a stray Pandaren.

What is a god emote, and what is a power emote?
“Bonwyn chops your head off, and you die”

What is meta-gaming, and how does one avoid doing it?

Bonwyn talking about the intimacies of the Suramar Court. ICly she knows nothing about Suramar.

Write an example of a good attack emote on an enemy
Bonwyn attempts to punch Deathwing in the face.

Anything else?
Pandaren are great.

Looking good to me! Need two more officers approavals ^^

Looks nice, not a whole lot to read through and get bored with. So it has
[Image: r1z4oqL.png]

Pandaren are the spawn of the old gods.

Approved by me; just make sure our Slumster pal is okay with the IC rules and we're set.

Can confirm have read rules.

Awesome! Prod us in-game to arrange an interview, or let us know here when a good time would be for you.

Thursday evening? 8.30pm game time?

Can do if I'm around!

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