In Character


The Unbroken are a group of likeminded individuals, and their hired soldiers, who seek to defend Azeroth against a multitude of deadly (primarily magical) threats.

The organization is led by a small council of veterans, those who have seen many wars and know the dangers inherent in combatting the Burning Legion’s demons, Old God aberrations, and more. Our soldiers will find themselves on the front lines facing these threats, as well as travelling the world on smaller-scale missions aimed at maintaining peace and stability throughout Azeroth – and keeping our treasury income flowing. From hunting down power-hungry warlocks to guarding cross-country caravans; from investigating mysterious haunted ruins to delving deep into a dungeon in search of a lost mythical artifact – our soldiers will never find our work boring.

We offer a good support network of training and supplies, the relative freedom and rewarding pay of mercenary work, yet with a moral code. We offer the experience of being at the forefront of our world’s defense, revenge against those who have decimated home and family, and the brotherhood that only comes with fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with our comrades. Our officers’ knowledge of military tactics and of the enemy will provide a safety net not available for many standard soldiers and mercenaries, as well as a strong learning opportunity for those serving.

The Unbroken are always recruiting soldiers-for-hire. If you wish to earn coin and fight by our sides, whether you are a fighter, an archer, a magus, an engineer, a medic or something other–we invite you to meet us in person. There is room for almost everyone (bar practitioners of dark magics). Specialists and craftsmen are also welcome. There is no telling when a finely-tuned flying machine will be useful, or when a magical puzzle deep in a dungeon requires knowledge of ancient Titanic runes.

As an additional notice to Kirin Tor magi: we work frequently alongside the Kirin Tor, and as such we both take work from them, and are approved to take students and experienced magi into our own ranks if they wish to work with us and see firsthand what we do, and how we do it. It can be valuable real-world experience for young magi in particular who have for the most part been restricted to classrooms thus far in their educations.



Out of Character


Out of character, Unbroken offers a mature and friendly environment (and by mature, we do not mean that there are age restrictions, but that mature themes and language occur both IC and OOC).  We aim to provide plenty of activity, with ample opportunity for fun, adventure and character development. In addition, the voice of every member matters to the guild – if you have ideas, pitch ’em! If you want to lead an event, talk it over with us!  New roleplayers are also welcome – if you are willing to learn, we’re happy to show you the ropes, and get you in on the action.

We make an attempt to adhere to established lore without coming across as overbearing to, or ignoring, other roleplayers, and we also try to steer clear of drama and gossip. We have no restrictions on class or race; however, characters who openly use dark magic will find it harder to gain entrance, with warlocks who summon and utilize demons almost certainly facing rejection.  Other than that, almost anyone is welcome.

In terms of events, we try to include other guilds and groups as much as possible, but we also have DM’d (dungeon mastered) events utilizing simple /roll systems.  These can be standalone events, multi-day campfire and travel excursions, or long-term recurring plot lines. We currently have three DMs in our guild, but more are always welcome.

As far as addons go, most of use use TotalRoleplay3 for our main RP addon, and many also use Gryphonheart Items (GHI) for creating and trading roleplay items. We do not, however, require any.

If you want to RP with us, join us, hire us IC, or just say hi, feel free to post on our Guest forums or whisper one of our officers in-game.