The Unbroken – Magically Solving All of Your Problems


Our Team

When you hire the Unbroken to solve your magical issues, you are hiring the best. Among our number we count several arcanists – including a Highborne and Kirin Tor-registered magi – to ensure safe passage past arcane traps and warding against dangerous arcane spells. Our Illidari allies make certain that any demons present cannot sneak past, and that illusions can hide nothing from us. The wielders of Light defend us from even the strongest dark magic attacks, and light our path in the deepest shadow. Our undead ensure that throwing something into a freezing lake will not keep it from us–and our archers and marksmen, engineers, and soldiers provide the firepower and the cunning to take down any foe. In short, when you hire the Unbroken, you are hiring a versatile, experienced and well-rounded group to solve any magical problem sent our way.

Our Abilities

We are specialists in any and all magical issues.  With very little lead, we can often track down many demons or rogue casters, or missing, stolen or mythical magical objects.  If a person or place is cursed, haunted, or littered with deadly magical traps, we can enter the situation and ensure that all magic is lifted from the area. We are experienced enough to proceed carefully yet efficiently, sweeping a region and dispelling its lingering effects permanently.  We are, as a well-balanced and -trained group of fighters, also capable of providing escort to persons or caravans at risk of being attacked, particularly by magical assault–or protecting and warding magical prisoners or objects as they travel to their destination. Likewise, we can provide a strong offensive or defensive battle unit in war time*, for example as a distraction, a vanguard or a devastating precision strike to open enemy lines.

* Note: As a Kirin Tor-aligned organization, we do not take part in Horde-Alliance nor any other inter-factional combat.  If you are unsure if your work counts as factional combat, please contact a representative of the Unbroken; we will be happy to answer your questions.

Pricing and Payment

Generally speaking, the more dangerous and expensive the work, the higher the fee. For near-deadly work the price can reach a gold coin per man or more; for simpler jobs thirty silver per head is sufficient. A minimum cost of two gold is often incurred for very small operations requiring little effort, simply to cover time spent and any travel costs.

All costs will be discussed at the time of contract creation. All contracts will be written up and then signed by both parties. All fees will be paid half in advance, half upon job completion. Please note that in the exceedingly rare event of an operation failing, the deposit cannot be refunded – however, we will either try to complete the work, or refer you to another trusted party.

Thank you for your interest in the Unbroken, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Out of Character

Any guild looking for interaction, or for an in character solution to a magical problem, is free to contact us IC or OOC for roleplay.  A guild can hire us in character to perform work, or an individual wishing to DM for us, or to add another guild to an event they are running, can hire us for an event that they would then DM. If we would take the offered work on an in character level, we can then clarify the out of character details – for example whether the job is DM’d, who will DM it and with what rules, and so forth. Alternatively, you can contact us OOC first, if you are more comfortable with doing so, to see whether we’d take the work before approaching us IC. That said, we enjoy taking everything as IC as possible and love all interaction with new roleplay friends, so if you wish to run into us and simply ask IC, first, that’s fine too!